R.C.C. Home school Co-op

We are located in St. Stephen, South Carolina. 

What is the RCC Home school Co-op?

Our home school co-op is parent-led. Parents remain on campus during meetings to contribute their specific skills to the growth and success of the program. Parents volunteer for different blocks each day while children go to classes to learn various skills. This is not currently a curriculum-based program. It is simply an enrichment opportunity for children and parents to have community interaction and hands-on learning. Some classes may require you to bring basic school supplies or craft supplies. (Example: Binder, notebook paper, pencil, library book, yarn, paints.) 

Is the Co-op Secular?

We welcome all families, but we are not secular. The co-op is hosted and supported by Russellville Christian Church, which means we are rooted in God's Word and answer to church leadership. We meet every Friday to connect with other parents & home school students to learn, grow, and seek God together. Teachers must sign a statement of faith.

What classes will be offered?

Classes offered for Spring Semester 2024 will include Home Ec: Cooking, Sewing, & Food Preservation; Science Lab & Bible; Writing Lab; Preschool: Numbers & Letters. The first Co-op day for students in 2024 is January 5th.

When is the co-op?

Fall Semester 2023 runs from September 1st - December 15th, and Spring Semester 2024 runs from January 5th - May 31st. Every Friday, assembly begins at 9:30am. Families bring a lunch to enjoy together at 12pm, and classes end at 2pm.


$75 facility fee per family, per semester, to cover basic supplies (Example: toilet paper, cups, cleaning supplies). Any extra money for the semester is used for a field trip or end of semester party.

Teachers are required to complete a background check of $25; this is deducted from the semester fee. (Must be renewed yearly)

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