What We Believe

We are a vibrant community of Christ-followers who reject denominational barriers and strive to embody the unadulterated essence of early Christianity. We dedicate ourselves to living a life of unwavering devotion to Jesus and the Bible, the inspired Word of God. Our religious practices are guided by our own Elders, and we assert that our authority stems solely from the Word of God - we don't rely on creeds, but instead hold the Scriptures as our rule of faith and practice. We insist on the essential requirements for forgiveness of sins laid out in the New Testament: faith in God and Jesus, repentance, public confession, baptism by immersion, and living a steadfast Christian life. Every week, we come together to observe the Communion Service, where all believers are welcome to participate as we believe it is a means of spiritual nourishment according to Christ's will. We are not the only Christians, but we identify solely as Christians without any other denominational associations. Our humble aim is to restore the early church's vibrancy and pure faith, striving to be faithful to Christ in all we do.